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Foster Care FAQ’s


There are a lot of single people and couples who want to be considered as foster carers. Their reasons may vary from wanting some kind of parenthood training or initiation before becoming real parents just as simple as wanting to brighten a child’s future. However, as much as they want to become a foster care right away, the lot of them are hesitant because they have a lot of questions. Questions and situations that need to be answered and cleared before deciding if they want to proceed or not in becoming a foster carer. This article aims to answer some of the common questions about foster care.

The first thing interested parties usually ask is how to foster children? If you are any of the following people, you can still be qualified to become a foster carer: elderly person, unemployed, an employed person, a person who does not have their own home, couples or people who already have their own children, people who own pets, people who are in bereavement. However, some limitations may apply in the situations mentioned earlier. Most organizations do not have an age requirement for foster cares as long as they are still physically capable of caring for the child. As for unemployment, the moment your employment status changes, please keep in mind that your filtering abilities may need to be reviewed because being at home offers stability and consistency for the child in need of care. If you are already working, you can still qualify to become a foster carer provided you devote enough time and effort to support the child’s needs. It is also okay if you do not live in your own home as long as you can provide the child enough space, a bed for him or her to sleep on alone and a safe and secure shelter. As for pets, they are even considered as a valuable addition to a fostering household.

A lot of people also ask between the difference of fostering and adoption.  Their difference is based on the length of time they take care of the child and the permanence of doing such. Fostering is taking care of a child for a certain period of time only, usually determined by the social worker or organization. It can be as short as a few days only up to a couple of years. Adoption, on the other hand, is like a diamond – it’s forever. The people responsible for the child are also different in foster care and adoption. If you do not know how to become a foster carer, please keep in mind hat the responsibility of taking care of the child in fostering is shared between the foster care and social services whereas in adoption, the responsibility belongs solely to the adoptive parent.

Fostering is usually a thankless but worthwhile and valuable responsibility. Not a lot of people appreciate what foster carers do for children, but the happiness and hope that you can bring to a foster child’s future will certainly take those worries away.

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