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Foster Care in the UK


The need for foster cares has increased in the last few years since 2010. According to the Foster Care Network, there are about sixty three thousand children living with foster families spread across the United Kingdom. This same organization has predicted that a further eight thousand six hundred foster carers are still needed in this year alone in order to provide for the basic physical and psychological needs of these kids. In England alone, an approximate of seven thousand foster carers such as fostering essex are needed and this number might increase over the next few years.

If you and your partner (or even just you, if you are single) are interested in fostering in London, the city needs about one thousand twenty five foster careers as of this year. If you are a novice to fostering, you can learn more about the process and what foster parents do, read on and find out whether fostering is something you can contribute to the society. Just remember though that fostering is never an easy task. You and the members of your household need to have infinite patience, a lot of energy and dollops of dedication to care for the foster child. The rewards of seeing this child, though becomes a productive and good citizen because of you and your family are immeasurable.

The Fostering Network is one of the websites you can go to check out more information about fostering. They operate two main types of fostering services, one is where local social services and social workers are given the primary responsibility of recruiting foster carers for children assigned to their care. The other is through independent fostering providers, who also recruit foster carers in the event where the local government is not able to find a foster family in their own roster.

The first thing you can do is coordinate with the nearest fostering service such as fostering london in your area. The Fostering Network actually has a Find A Fostering Service online tool that helps you create a list of fostering services that you can coordinate with. Once you have initiated contact with the fostering service you have chosen, they will be sending you information as to what the requirements are and if you decide to proceed, you can start the application process once they have decided that you qualify for their initial criterion as foster care. Once your application has commenced, the fostering service usually assigns a social worker who will work with you through the whole process. He or she will be the one to assess and observe acts of your life that need to be checked and in turn, you can ask him or her questions and seek advice. Around this time, the fostering service will also ask you to attend some kind of foster care training, which you need to complete and pass. This training helps you greatly, along with your household members in preparing yourselves for the arrival of your foster child. After a series of background checks and assessments, the fostering service will then notify you if you have been approved to become a foster carer or not and once you get approval, all you have to do by that time I wait for a fostering assignment. Good luck!


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